Patching requests for fun and (concurrent) profit

Because life is too short to spam calls to SSL_CTX_load_verify_locations().

TeX is not a bug-free software

A short rant on the importance of spending a bit of time writing good error messages to save our users a lot of time.

Why is it so hard to link svg tags in HTML?

The year is 2024. We have language models that can code, shitty AI-generated content everywhere, and still no flying cars. But a problem that should be trivial to solve is surprisingly annoying: why is there no easy way to link the contents of an <svg> tag?

How we teach front-end development using vanilla JS

Or, a proposal on how to structure JS code for simple web apps.

Agustín Borrego

Hi! I'm a software engineer from Spain.

Currently, Data Engineer @ MixRank.